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Zibo City¡¡

I. Facts about Zibo
Situated in the middle part of Shandong Province, Zibo(N35¡ã56-37¡ã18¡ä E117¡ã32¡ä- 118¡ã31¡ä) covers an area of 5,938 sq. km, with the urban area of 2,961 sq. km. Zibo Lies in the temperate zone with semiarid, subhumid continental climate. Its annual average temperature is 13.90¡æ with annual average rainfall of 628 mm.

Zibo City is characteristic of its group city structure, with Zhangdian District, Zichuan District, Boshan District, Zhoucun District, Linzi District, Huantai County, Gaoqing County and Yiyuan County under its jurisdiction. There is a population of 4.09 million, among which 2.685 million live in the urban area.

II. Natural Resources
(1) Mineral Resources
There are 53 kinds of exploited minerals, among which 22 kinds rich in reserves have been exploited. They are mainly coal, iron, alumina, fire-resistant clay, limestone, porcelain clay and barite and various rare metals such as aluminum, cobalt, gold and sliver, the major reserves. The city is also abundant in the regenerative resources such as red clay, gangue and ash coal. Zibo has many minerals with large reserves, wide spread and high quality. The reserve of alumina accounts for 90% of the total in Shandong province, while fire-resistant clay accounts for 45.9% and high-grade iron ore accounts for 25%.

(2) Energy resource
Zibo abounds in crude oil and natural gas. Gaoqing Oilfield has a reserve of 14.69 million ton crude oil. Jinjia Oilfield has 31.71 million tons and some other gas fields like Huagou Gas Field all lies in Zibo. The annual water supply reaches 1.411 billion cubic meters. Underground water reserve is 996 million cubic meters.
(3) Tourism resource
Zibo has rich and characteristic tourism resources. It is named as ¡°The Excellent Tourist City¡± by the National Tourism Administration of the P.C.R. The capital of Qi Dynasty of the Warring States (475-221 B.C.) was located in Linzi district. The city has a long history of 800 years with tremendous historic relics, which earn the name of ¡°Underground Museum¡± for the place. It is the state-level historical and cultural city. The established Ancient Chinese Vehicle Museum and the Sacrificed Horse Pit in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770-256 B.C.) are famous tourist resort among home and abroad. The hills, rivers, forests, wells and caves in Boshan and Yiyuan integrate into an organic whole. The rich natural resources esp. limestone caves are rare in the northern areas of China. Zichuan has the former residence of Pu Songling, the World King of Short Stories. The original Liaozai (the name of the residence) Park was built there. The Horse Hoofing Lake in Huantai and the Big Reed Lake in Gaoqing with blue water present a picture of rivers and lakes.

Zhoucun still keeps the site of ancient trade city in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It is regarded by some experts as the museum group that displays the development of Chinese national business.

III. Infrastructure
Zibo is a key transport pivot city. The density of railways and highways ranks top in China. The railway is 558 km long in the urban area. Jinan-Qingdao Line, Xindian-Tai¡¯an Line, Zibo-Dongying Line and Beiing-Shanghai Line converge here. There are 19 main highways extending to all directions. The highway mileage is 3,000 km. The density of the highway is 52.4 km /100 Jinan-Qingdao Expressway runs across the city from west to east. Binzhou-Laiwu Expressway goes through form north to south. Expressways connect all the districts and counties in Zibo. It is only 70 km from the center of Zibo to Jinan International Airport, and 210 km to Qingdao Port. The air and sea shipping are within easy reach.
Zibo is the center of post handling and axis of telecommunication in central Shandong Province. The capacity of fixed telephone is 1.3 million sets and more than 60% households use telephones. The capacity of mobile phone is 700,000 sets with over 400,000 users. The optical fibre cable in use is 5,400 km long and there are 13,000 lines for long-distance telephones. The basic platform of telecom broad band network and e-business system has been put into operation.

Public Utilities
The city has complete infrastructure and supportive public service facilities, enjoying a strong overall service function.

Daily Urban Public Water Supply: 920,000 cu. m
Daily Power Supply: 29.97 million kw/h
Load of Electric Network: 1.41 million kw/h
Urban Gas Popularization Rate: 99%
Urban Centralized Heat Popularization Rate: 85%

Standard Land Price (issued in 1998) (Yuan/sq. m)
Commercial Land Industrial Land Housing Land
Grade 1 920 400 540
Grade 2 820 260 350
Grade 3 600 220 300
Grade 4 420 190 220
Grade 5 260 120 130
Grade 6 130 70 90
Grade 7 90 50 70

IV. Economic Development
Overall Economy
Zibo ranks among the top 50 cities with comprehensive economic strength in China. The city¡¯s GDP was RMB 78 billion yuan in 2002 with the proportions of agriculture, industry and tertiary industry of 6.3%, 58.2% and 35.5% respectively.

Zibo is a national key industrial base. An output of RMB 102.5 billion yuan was achieved by the industrial enterprises of large scale in 2002. Zibo is known for its traditional industries such as mining, porcelain making, color glazing and silk. Now it has shaped an industrial system with 35 main categories such as petrochemical, medicine, building material, machine building, textile, light industry and electron. Up to 100 commodities have taken an important place in the province and the nation, such as petrochemical products, medicine, oxidized aluminum, pesticide, water pump, electric machinery, abrasive grinding machine, medical appliance, wall and ground bricks and jean. Some high-tech products such as new materials, refined chemical, e-info and biochemical are taking shape. There are 15 province-level corporation groups in Zibo. Qilu Petrochemical Co., Ltd. is a united petrochemical corporation with a large scale. Shandong Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is the earliest aluminum industry base in China. Xinhua Group is the national key pharmaceutical production base.

Zibo is advanced in agriculture and is listed by the state as the trial demonstration area of agricultural modernization in the Huang/Huai Sea Plain. Agricultural mechanization exceeds 78%. Huantai County, regarded as ¡°The Barn of the Northern Shandong Province¡±, is the first County with output over one ton/ per mu in north China. Gaoqing cotton and Yiyuan fruit products respectively rank among the top 100 strong counties in China.

Zibo is an important collecting and distributing center of commodity and trade center in Shandong Province. The key wholesale markets in the province include Qilu Petrochemical Town, Zichuan Garment Department, Zichuan Building Material Town and Zhoucun Textile Big World. Year 2002 saw RMB 23.078 billion yuan of total volume of retail sales of consumption goods in Zibo city. The production element market of finance, security, technology and human resources tends to perfection. Real estate industry, tourism and IT industry are showing a trend of rapid developing.

V. Opening Up
Year 2003 saw 169 foreign capital projects with contractual foreign capital of US $616 million (actual usage of foreign capital of US$351million). The major foreign investors are from Hong Kong, US, Tai Wan, Singapore, Germany, Korea, Canada, Japan and the UK etc countries and regions. MNCs like Simens of Germany, DMC2 of Japan, Asahi of Japan, Nichimen Co, Tech Group of US, McDonald and KFC etc have been attracted to invest in Zibo in succession.

In 2003, the total amount of export and import of the city reaches USD $1.93 billion, 46% over the year earlier. Export amounts to US$1.01 billion, 34.6% over the year earlier. Zibo has economic cooperation and trade relations with over 120 countries and regions in the world.

Zibo has 30 sister cities such as Illinois of the US, Lochois of France, Kamo of Japan and Novograd of Russia.

VI. Economic Zones
Zibo High Tech Industry Development Zone
Established in 1992, the zone is one of the 53 nation-level high tech industry development zones approved by the State Council. Located in the northern part of Zhangdian District, the central district of the city, the zone covers an area of 75.92 sq. km with sufficient supporting facilities for production, living and service. It has shaped the central area, science, industry and trade comprehensive area, medicine and chemical area, processing and trade area, housing area and entertainment area. The high and new technological industry group with new material industry and e-info industry as its main industrial sections has also been shaped here.
Tel: (86)533-3580065 Fax: (86)533-3584107

Qilu Chemical Industrial Zone
Located in Qilu Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Linzi District, Zibo City, the zone covers a planed area of 42.11 sq. km with a newly developed 20.11 sq. km area. Development program and investment promotion plan are ¡°Three Chemical Industries and One Organ¡±. The three chemical industries are petrochemical industry, chloride basification industry and coal chemical industry. The organ is integrated by five functional parks, namely, oil refining chemical industry park, ethylene complex Chemical Park, Eastman Chemical Park, refined chemical industry park, plastic chemical industry park and chemical plastic product technology and Trade Park.
Tel: (86)533-7324999 Fax: (86)533-7324666

Zibo Building and Porcelain Industrial Park
Located alongside the Xiaofu River in the northern part of Zichuan District, the park covers a land of 23 sq. km, among which the building material market accounts for 5 sq. km and the industry enterprises area for 19 sq. km.
Tel: (86)533-5481289 Fax: (86)533-5481140

Fushan Economic Development Zone
The zone is located in the northern part of Zhangdian District. The first phase claims a land of 4.88 sq. km. There is a specific railway line with an annual capacity of 2 million tons of cargo in the park. Besides, there is a 100,000 kw thermal power plant and more than 40 enterprises engaging in food, smelting, foundry, machine building, electron and building materials.
Tel: (86)533-3786886£¬3785158
Fax: (86)533-3785629

Boshan High-tech Industrial Park
Located in the northern part of Boshan District, the park covers 2.1 sq. km. It enjoys convenient transportation and telecommunication. The underground water resources are rich and easy to exploit. The main industries are porcelain, metallurgy, textile, chemical industry and tannery.
Tel: (86)533-4685151¡¡¡¡Fax: (86)533-4685152

Linzi Foreign Investment Industrial Zone
Located in the southern part of Linzi District, it covers a land of 5.84 sq. km. The zone has complete infrastructure. The main industries are plastic, refined chemical industry and textile.
Tel: (86)533-7485516

Zhoucun Economic and Technological Development Zone
Located to the north of Zhoucun District, the zone covers an area of 6.5 sq. km with complete infrastructure. The main industries are textile, machinery electron, and food and building materials.
Tel: (86)533-6180104¡¡¡¡Fax: (86)533-6180104

Huantai New Century Industrial Park
Located in the Guoli Town, Huantai County and neighboring Zibo New and High Technological Development Zone on the south, the park covers a land of 8 sq. km. It enjoys convenient transportation.
Tel: (86)533-8400001¡¡¡¡Fax: (86)533-8400111

Yiyuan New Rising Industrial Park
Located in the northern part of Yiyuan County, the 0.2 sq. km park has medicine and glass area, high polymer materials area and VIP area.
Tel: (86)533-3242312

Gaoqing HK, Macao and Taiwan Industrial Park
Located in Gaocheng Town, north of the county, the park covers an area of 0.67 sq. km. It enjoys abundant power. In the park, the gas cost is only half of the national standard price. The main industry is textile.
Tel: (86)533-6312200

Zibo Asahi World High-Tech and New Material Industrial Park
Lying in Wuling Road, Boshan District, the park covers an land of 0.4 sq. km. There is complete infrastructure and matching facilities. The park mainly engages in high-grade fire-resistant new materials for stove and zirconium new materials for metallurgy. There are 3 joint venture projects.
Tel: (86)533-4168462 4183310-2012
Fax: (86)533-4182498

Zichuan District Qutai Industrial Park
Located in Zhonglou Industrial Park in Jianshe Road, Zichuan, the park covers an area of 0.6 sq. km. The main industry is textile, producing colored weaving cloth. With complete infrastructure and facilities, it is built by Qutai Textile Co., Ltd..
Tel: (86)533-5180509¡¡¡¡Fax: (86)533-5188449 5180807

Zibo City Qicheng Agricultural High and New Technological Development Zone
Located in the middle part of Linzi District and neighboring Jinan-Qingdao Expressway in the south, the zone is the provincial-level comprehensive agricultural science and technological demonstration zone. Covering a land of 15,000 mu, the zone has four parks, namely, the new technological trial demonstration park, the effective planting park, the modernized husbandry zone and the agricultural and sideline products processing park. The world first-class intelligent breeding base, the province¡¯s eatable fungi development center, the rabbits of fine species breeding base and the modernized pig slaughtering and further processing project have been established in the zone.
Tel: (86)533-7666566 Fax: (86)533-7666566

VII. Relevant Service
Institutions related to Foreign Affairs
Zibo Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation Bureau
Add: 6, People¡¯s East Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-2175833
Fax: (86)533-2175831
Foreign Affairs Office of Municipal Government
Add: 60, People¡¯s West Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-2778993
Fax: (86)533-2775485
Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Zibo Municipal Government
Add: 138, People¡¯s West Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-2182243
Fax: (86)533-2181194
Taiwan Affairs Office of Zibo Municipal Government
Add: 24, People¡¯s West Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-3182602
Fax: (86)533-3173167
Zibo Customs Office of the People's Republic of China
Add: 140, Zhongxin Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-2184922
Fax: (86)533-2166283
Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine of China in Zibo
Add: 63, Liuquan Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-3183931
Fax: (86)533-3183388
Zibo Subbranch, Bank of China
Add: 49, Liuquan Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-3180203
Fax: (86)533-3180203
Zibo Trade Association of China International Trade Association
Add: 6, People¡¯s East Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-2175824
Fax: (86)533-2175831

Important Service Telephones
Mayor Public Telephone: (86)-12345
Agency of Municipal Government in Beijing: (86)10-67709791
Fire Alarm: 119
Public Security: 110
Medical Rescue: 120
Traffic Accident: 122
Water Supply Service: (86)533-2165111

Main Websites
Zibo Investment Promotion Info Net
Zibo Info Port
China Broadband Net
Zibo People¡¯s Government
Zibo Economic Info Net
Zibo (Central Shandong Province) Online
Zibo Today Net
Zibo Tourist Info Net

Main Hotels
Zibo Hotel
Add: 189, Zhongxin Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-2288688
Fax: (86)533-2184990
Zibo Restaurant
Add: 177, Zhongxin Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-2180888
Fax: (86)533-2184800
Taixing Hotel
Add: 19, Zhongxin Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-2162266
Fax: (86)533-2181400
Fengyang Hotel
Add: No.4 West Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-2161088
Fax: (86)533-2162614
Luzhong Hotel
Add: 1, People¡¯s West Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-2181401
Fax: (86)533-2184500
Century Building
Add: 99, Liuquan Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-3156888
Fax: (86)533-3167378
Wanjie International Hotel
Add: Yishan Village, Boshan District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-4654201
Fax: (86)533-4654222
Puquan Hotel
Add: 90, Songling East Road, Zichuan District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-5177888
Fax: (86)533-5176999
Qidu Hotel
Add: 11, Wenshao Road, Linzi District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-7198888
Fax: (86)533-7186841
Zhoucun Hotel
Add: 24, Xinjian Mid Road, Zhoucun District, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-6411888
Fax: (86)533-6411395
Huantai Hotel
Add: 52, Zhongxin Avenue, Huantai County, Zibo City
Tel: (86)533-8180327
Fax: (86)533-8180330

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